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Previous Talks

Date Talk Speaker Video
21.12.2010 Legal issues of sniffing wireless networks Jonathan Klinger -
Bringing cloud operational benefits to the world of security and privacy Gilad Parann-Nissany -
18.1.2011 Stuxnet – how to take over a (nuclear) power plant Tomer Teller -
Lockpicking 101 Assaf Nativ -
15.2.2011 Encryption – Alice, Bob and Co. Amichay Peretz Klopshtock -
Looking Into The Eye Of The Bits – Memory Analysis Assaf Nativ YouTube
22.3.2011 Penetration Testing Execution Standard Iftach Ian Amit -
Who is afraid of Cookies? - Cookies and browser exploits Asaf Gery -
26.4.2011 Binary instrumentation for hackers and security professionals Gal Diskin -
Rich and Happy Ben Liba -
17.5.2011 The Turtles Project: Design and Implementation of Nested Virtualization Muli Ben-Yehuda -
Introduction to Social Engineering Roy Saar -
21.6.2011 Exploiting LD_PRELOAD (and sample files) David Kaplan -
IS-IS An introduction to IGP routing protocols Hagai Kahana -
19.7.2011 OS Fingerprinting Amihai Neiderman -
Anonymity & Privacy Amichay Peretz Klopshtock -
16.8.2011 HTML5 Security Israel Chorzevski -
Mesh Networks - Hacking the T3lc0 Model Amir Sagie -
20.9.2011 The Stuxnet worm Amir Tetelbaum -
RF Communications and Modems Tal Delbari -
18.10.2011 Cheating in Computer Games Assaf Nativ -
Authentication using DTMF signals and other phone phreaking Amitay Dan -
15.11.2011 Exploiting Second Life and online games - a personal experience Dan Peleg -
Infecting Python Bytecode Leon Fedotov -
13.3.2012 Future networks and computing Brad Templeton -
CyberPubk Keren Elazari -
17.4.2012 Virtually Speaking Menny Brazilay -
Databases and identity: How to avoid companies databases from being lost, and Facebook from being a tool to steal people identity Amitay Dan -
22.5.2012 Information Security at the personal level Eyal Sela (ISOC-IL) -
Website fraud, Botnets, and business layer abuses Raviv Raz (Hybrid Security) -
10.7.2012 Hardware Assisted Security Dave Marcus (McAfee) -
GeekCon Ilan Graceir -
28.8.2012 We have you by the Gadgets Mickey Shkatov -
Automated Static Malware Analysis with Pythonect Itzik Kotler -
20.11.2012 How Android based phone helped me get my ex-girlfriend back Elad Shapira -
18.12.2012 Passwords: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly Adir Abraham -
All Your Bitcoin Are Belong to Us, Introduction to digital currency Amichay Peretz Klopshtock -
15.01.2013 iPhone Penetration testing using iNalyzer Chilik Tamir -
Off the Rails: Understanding and Exploiting the new Ruby on Rails Vulnerability Joey Geralnik -
19.2.2013 Cellular intelligence: From Human to Cars Amitay Dan -
Automotive hacking Gil Litichever -
23.4.2013 Incident Response and Handling Adir Avraham -
DDoS, Bots and JS Obfuscation Yoni Yechezkel -
21.5.2013 Exploiting Android for Fun and Profit Zeev Rabinovich -
Virtually Secure, Analysis to Remote Root 0day on an Industry Leading SSL-VPN Appliance Tal Zeltzer -
18.6.2013 Monolithic Kernels (The good, the bad, and the ugly) Moshe -
Android Penetration Testing Maor Tal -
16.7.2013 Physical (in)security – It’s not all about Cyber Inbar Raz -
Automatic Anomaly Detection Peleg Wasserman -
20.8.2013 TBA Guy Mizrahi -
How to Disclose Vulnerabilities and Stay Out of Jail Jonathan Klinger -
19.11.2013 Cloud Security Moshe Ferber -
Faking Phone Calls and SMS's Amitay Dan -
17.12.2013 Hacking as a Service Moshe Ferber -
The Cost of Free Apps Jonathan J. Klinger
18.03.2014 The Long Road to CISSP David (Dudu) Broda -
Revisiting Network Protocols for DDoS & Abuse Peleg Wasserman -
20.05.2014 Lexical CAPTCHA Structured Beat-Down Moshe Zioni -
Common Techniques To Identify Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Yuval Sinay -
17.06.2014 8086 Vs 8086: The digital survivor competition Elad Shapira -
17.07.2014 Information Gathering Nimrod Levy -
Painting a Company Red and Blue Iftach Ian Amit -
16.08.2014 How to Handle Data Leakage, PR wise. Nir Hirschman -
Privacy vs. Information Security Jonathan Klinger -
Disinformation and lies in Information Security while reinterpreting the aforementioned lecture Shachar Shemesh -
18.11.2014 Attacking the Linux PRNG on Android (& Embedded Devices) David Kaplan and Sagi Kedmi -
Using the Bitcoin block-chain for forensic documentation Jonathan J. Klinger -
17.02.2015 Introducing Dynamic IDA Enrichment Framework (aka. DIE) Yaniv Balmas -
28.04.2015 Magento RCE Vulnerability Netanel Rubin -
DDoS mitigation EPIC FAILS Moshe Zioni -
16.06.2015 Death in the digital era Vered Shavit -
21.07.2015 Actionable Threat Intelligence Iftach Ian Amit -
How To Turn Your KVM Into a Raging Key Logging Monster Yaniv Balmas & Lior Oppenheim -
Why Johnny can't Unpack : Towards one click unpacking Guy Beck -
15.12.2015 The Spy in the Sandbox: Practical Cache Side-Channel Attacks in Javascript and their Implications Yossi Oren, PhD -
Breaking honeypots for fun and profit Gadi Evron, Dean Sysman -

Previous activities

Date Activities
21.12.2010 lockpicking village.
18.1.2011 lockpicking village.
15.2.2011 Decryption Challenges.
19.7.2011 Tshirts.

Special Events

Date Event Speaker Video
4.5.2011 Special Guest Lecture About The Recent Advanced in IPv6 Insecurities Marc “van Hauser” Heuse YouTube
23.6.2011 dc9723 1st Hackathon - -
22-23.9.2011 dc9723 2nd Hackathon - -