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If you have a topic that you think will interest the community, we'll be happy to get your proposal for a speaking slot for one of our future meetings.

Talk proposals should include a basic outline, an abstract and the proposed slides. Talks are presented in Hebrew, with the Slides and background material in English. Please submit your talk proposal (and request for topic coverage) to

If your talk is accepted, you will have to provide the slides for your talk at least one week ahead of the scheduled meeting. Please make sure that if you had any updates or changes to your slides to send them over no later than one day after the talk itself so that we can update the site with your slides.

All talks will be recorded on video, and will be posted on this website. Speakers accept that such recording will take place, and that the slides (or any other accompanying material) will be posted on this website. If you have any specific objection to being filmed (dropping an 0-day for example), please specify the reason in your CFP submission.

Ideas for Topics

  • Your idea
Short description.

A note on content

Please note - we will not accept any blatant marketing/commercial content to be presented on the DC9723 meetings.

We will gladly accept talks that cover many areas of interest, and many fields of hacking (technological and less technological). The talks are within the lines of standard security conferences (DefCon, BlackHat, Shmoocon, ph-neutral, Source, Brucon, HES, and many more), and other than a single appearance of your employer's logo on the first slide any marketing will NOT be allowed.